about dr. erica

Dr. Erica Schultz, Lead Practitioner

I was 11 years old when I decided I wanted to be a doctor. I knew I wanted to heal but I had no idea just how deep that passion would run. I worked as a CNA at Vallhaven Assisted Living in Neenah, WI while completing my undergraduate education at UW Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Science and Pre-Med emphasis. It was during that time that I struggled with determining exactly which medical field to enter. The concept of taking control of your health was starting to gain ground in my hometown and I was fascinated. Naturopathic medicine was completely foreign to me and I assumed being a D.O. would be my only option to be able to practice alternative medicine.

It was through an act of God that I encountered Naturopathy and at first I will admit, I was quite skeptical, but the more I learned about it the more I realized it was exactly what I wanted. Just like much of society, I felt let down by our medical system and its insistence on medications and symptoms. I researched, inquired, and threw myself into learning as much as possible about nutrition, nature, and the amazing healing properties both have to offer.

I attended Bastyr University, in Kenmore, Washington where I received my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2013 with training focused on prevention and promotion of wellness in a primary care setting. I have also earned my Masters in Acupuncture in 2014 which will bring an added dimension to the healing process. I dedicate myself to listening to my patient’s needs and concerns and working side by side to conquer the obstacles to cure. While the journey to health can be long and arduous I am confident that you will be just as excited as I am to obtain balance and optimal health.